Electric Scooter

Plans are in the works for an electric scooter. The prototype will use an existing scooter body, of some older 50cc size, and replace all the motor workings with electric versions and some batteries. Expect more on this soon. Once this is complete, all specs, diagrams, calculations, etc. will be posted here as well for future use by others. Hopefully this gets resolved and built soon, as I want to be able to show it off a little bit... Oh, for me this is great, because I have been buying my electricity from a wind farm as of late, if you are still deriving your volts from coal or NG maybe look into switching in your area. In the Baltimore/DC area check out clean currents.

If anyone is interested in working on this, or has already made some progress on a scoot of their own, I would love to know all about it, perhaps we can help each other out. Anyone with deep knowledge of DC motors and servo controllers or creating NiMH battery packs is also welcome to add their expertise.