Moving Forward

Okay, we gave presentations today as to the direction and progress of our theses as a group of MFA's. In my presentation I touched upon some subjects that I plan on expanding upon. One was the way that the words "GREEN" and "SUSTAINABLE" get used. They are currently used interchangeably, but I plan on outlining in a future essay how I believe they are not equal, and should be adopted differently (green being ditched all together). Secondly, I plan on expanding my discussion of answers to the question "what does sustainable graphic design look like?" into an actual (potentially) publishable form filled with more concrete examples and better language. I also wish to finish an essay outlining my sustainable philosophy. Lastly I would like begin a discussion of a sustainable framework that I would be able to apply to my own design, as well as enable others to create sustainble graphic design as well. Look for these works to come soon—hopefully by the time our spring term starts, around january 20th perhaps?