I noticed today that the acronym I am using for this site, BLTS, can be easily misconstrued as something different … This epiphany came to me while working on some different versions of a Better Living Through Sustainability identity update. I had a giant BLTS up on my screen, trying to figure out something clever to do with it, when my girlfriend, Nancy, walked by and said “I love those.” I of course then said, “what, my website?” And Nancy said, “no, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Sandwiches.”


The Science channel has a new(ish) show called Ecopolis. The premise is that a renowned scientist examines new technologies that can help us live a more environmentally friendly future. It is fascinating and wonderful to get to see and learn about all of these new technologies (20 total over the six episodes of the show).

Moving Forward

Okay, we gave presentations today as to the direction and progress of our theses as a group of MFA's. In my presentation I touched upon some subjects that I plan on expanding upon. One was the way that the words "GREEN" and "SUSTAINABLE" get used. They are currently used interchangeably, but I plan on outlining in a future essay how I believe they are not equal, and should be adopted differently (green being ditched all together).

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