Thesis Writing Exercises

Exercise #4 :: Pose A Question

What does sustainable graphic design look like?
This question is the foundation underlying my thesis. My end goal is a philosophical framework capable of creating and inspiring designs that directly answer this question. In the mean time, here are some conclusions I have come to along the way all as possible answers (existing and theoretical) to this question.

1. It looks “eco-friendly”

Exercise #3 :: Vehicle

My thesis currently contains two branches building on one another. The first branch encompasses my research, writing, and investigation into the realm of sustainability while the second branch consists of visual studies and analyses of the data I am unearth.

Exercise #1 :: Frame

This thesis will not attempt to brand sustainability, though I will contribute to the visual vernacular of the cause. I will do this without resorting to descriptions requiring “sustainable” or “green,” and without using current visual clichés related to the domain.

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