Clean Coal?


Check this out:
This is a new site partially sponsored by Al Gore and the Alliance for Climate Protection with support from the Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation and others. The animation mixed with facts is really nicely done. Props to good design, hopefully it can make a difference.
You can read more about this here:
and here:

Where Sustainability Lives

I wrote about some examples of sustainability as it relates to business, the environment and social causes, and thought I would put a visual to go along with it as an easier way of showing/explaining the principle.

Exercise #3 :: Vehicle

My thesis currently contains two branches building on one another. The first branch encompasses my research, writing, and investigation into the realm of sustainability while the second branch consists of visual studies and analyses of the data I am unearth.

Exercise #1 :: Frame

This thesis will not attempt to brand sustainability, though I will contribute to the visual vernacular of the cause. I will do this without resorting to descriptions requiring “sustainable” or “green,” and without using current visual clichés related to the domain.

Are you kidding me?

This is as bad as clean coal, maybe worse. This is healthy High Fructose Corn syrup... no way! Congrats corn growers, you have sold our nations health and future well-being for a few more dollars, not to mention helped to continue a ridiculous waste of cash subsidizing corn... Anyway, so you can make your own opinions, I've linked to the commercials. All I can say is wow.

Electric Scooter

Plans are in the works for an electric scooter. The prototype will use an existing scooter body, of some older 50cc size, and replace all the motor workings with electric versions and some batteries. Expect more on this soon. Once this is complete, all specs, diagrams, calculations, etc. will be posted here as well for future use by others. Hopefully this gets resolved and built soon, as I want to be able to show it off a little bit...

Fall 2008

School has started again, and I am helping out with the class I took last spring, Climate Change and Sustainability for artists and designers (from now on abbreviated CC+S4A+D). I am hoping that this helps spur more discussion and ideas for me in the realm of sustainability. Also, as a goal I am hoping to come up with some better ways to talk about "green" and "sustainable" things. Note to self.

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